Assistant Stories

It’s My Birthday!

As soon as we walked into the bank, I knew it would be a long wait. It was Friday after work, and the people in the long lineup all seemed impatient and anxious to be done with their banking – and be out of there. Faces were stone cold, no one was speaking, you could feel the tension in the air. I was with Michelle to help her with her banking, and she knows all the tellers. From the back of the lineup, Michelle shouted to one of the tellers: ”It’s my birthday today!” The teller wished her a happy birthday, and asked her how she would be celebrating. “I’m going bowling!” replied Michelle. Other tellers wished her a happy birthday. The person in front of Michelle in the lineup turned around and wished her a happy birthday; then another person, and another one. Then people started talking to each other, smiles on their now relaxed faces.

I was amazed by the transformation that happened in a matter of minutes, because of Michelle. And I thought: this is a real gift that our people have – to create community, to bring together people who otherwise would not relate or dare open up to each other.  – Evelyn


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