At work, at home, or in community gatherings, Michael’s priority is to “get the work done”- one of Michael’s favourite expressions. After 45 years of dedication to his employment at ImagineAbility, Michael finally retired at the age of 65 with that rewarding feeling of mission accomplished in his heart.

Recognized by co-workers and supervisors as an example of a good employee, Michael’s strong sense of discipline and work ethic brought him fulfillment as a worker.  According to his long-term friend Petra, “Michael would never miss a day of work unless he was extremely sick. He knew his team was counting on him to do the job, and he felt committed to it.” His role as a contributing member of his team and in society at large boosted Michael’s confidence, which motivated him to do his best as a worker.

Petra also remarks that “through his dedication to work, Michael expressed immense gratitude for creating a life in which he feels valued and his voice heard. Retirement is a great accomplishment for him.”

Beyond work, Michael actively participates in the community and treasures his feeling of belonging. He enjoys taking part in committees, councils, and meetings at L’Arche Winnipeg. He values the opportunity to share his thoughts, vote, and hold people accountable – while always expressing concern for everyone’s wellbeing.

“We need to stay put,” – another common sentence from Michael, expresses his ongoing interest to make sure that the community members are well.

At work and in our community, Michael is considered a caring, understanding, and helpful person. His personality shines through his friendships and on occasions when he is asked to express his opinions. Michael’s sense of humour is also highly appreciated among the people in his life.

“He is a very funny person! He has this witty sense of humour and a quick response when interacting with people. He has always brought so much fun into any group just by being himself,” said Petra.

Last July, the entire community gathered in a lovely outdoor setting to celebrate his retirement and his 65th birthday. It was an extraordinary afternoon for Michael. He wore a birthday hat and made a speech about his achievement and how happy he was for “getting the work done.” When asked how he feels about being retired, Michael’s answer was “I’m retired now; I had to load trucks and keep the place running. Now, I don’t have to worry anymore!”

We celebrate Michael’s transition from the workforce group into the retiree group. Furthermore, we celebrate Michael for being who he is – a wonderful individual who shares his gifts and love with everyone around him.

Happy retirement, Mike.

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